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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  July 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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i am ready for the weekend. are you? >> i certainly am. hope you will have a good one. thank you for joining us today. "the real story" starts now. france once again in mourning as a massive terror attack takes dozens of lives. that country's third major attack in just 18 months. this time, a madman used a truck to target innocent civilians watching fireworks. hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. the tunisian man living legally in france targeted the city of nice. an eyewitness described the terrifying scene. [ gunshots ] >> i saw the truck machine. i go under. and i notice that behind the truck there was a lot of people down on the earth. but i started to yell at the
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driver. he was wearing a uniform, i think blue uniform. i was not trying to be a hero, but i was trying to help the people. >> crowds running for their lives, some not even knowing what they were running from. police, as you heard, exchanging gunfire with the suspect, eventually killing him. the suspect apparently had no known ties to terror groups, so far no claims of responsibility. right now at least 84 have died, ten of those young children or teens. an additional 200 more are wounded, 25 on life-support. 52 victims remain in critical condition. bill hemmer begins our coverage in nice, france. bill, what is the mood there today? >> reporter: shannon, three times now in 18 months, as you mentioned here, i've been here for the last two, the one in november that killed 120 and now this one has taken the lives of at least 84. the numbers you just read,
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shannon, are stunning. 200 wounded, 50 in critical condition, 25 of whom are on life-support, and the ten children you mentioned as well. two americans among the dead, 51-year-old sean copeland, his son brodie, age 11, from texas. their family put out a statement a bit earlier today, shannon, talking about the heartbreak and the shock they're experiencing. certainly you can understand that. that family had come to europe, they started their european vacation in neighboring spain and made it here to the french riviera. and this is where a nightmare, 23 hours ago, drove a stake right through this country yet again. it started 18 months ago, in the attack on "charlie hebdo," the newspaper, in january of 2015. in november of last year is when the bataclan was hit and all the suicide bombers spread out through the the city. that was when the french
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president,en fr françois hollan put a state of emergency in effect. this country had just been wrapping up a soccer tournament, they felt as if they were starting to take what has been a considerable amount of tension away from the they were two weeks from lifting that. now moments ago, the parliament has approved a three-month extension of that state of emergency. that gives police broader powers to stop and search and go into homes. who did it? age 31, mohamed bouhlel, a father of three, estranged from his wife. earlier today his wife was arrested in nice, france as well. he did not have a long rap sheet, but he does have a rap sheet. apparently in march he was about to be sentenced for a period of six months.
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since it was a conviction for only the first time, shannon, that sentence was not applied. there are more than 1200 cameras throughout the city of nice. and apparently the police investigation starts off north of here, in the hills outside of town, where he was seen loading up a 19-ton truck with either weapons in the back or grenades, but certainly a man who was hell-bent on destruction, in this city at a time of year when you think about the ocean and the great things in life. and on bastille day, their day of independence, it has been shattered yet again. how can you stop an attack like this? you feel simply helpless, when you've got a 19-ton truck turned into a killing machine, shannon. >> little to nothing that folks can do. some brave heroes who got directly involved and stopped that massacre. bill hemmer for us live in nice,
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thank you, bill. that is the night's tragedy is just the latest, as bill mentioned, in a series of attacks in france. two militants killed people at the office the satirical newspaper "charlie hebdo". just last month, the french police commander and his partner were killed at their home, the attacker telling police negotiators he was answering a call to action from the islamic state. many people are left to wonder why that country in particular has become such a target for terrorism. joining me now via skype is a professor at johns hopkins university. thank you for being with us today. your initial reaction on why so much of this terror activity has centered in france over the past 18 months.
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>> good afternoon. france is particularly susceptible, one could argue, for several reasons. they have had such a long and deep colonial history in north africa, where many terrorists and terrorist suspects come from, algeria, tunisia, morocco, the highest percentage of muslim population in europe at the moment. but that doesn't make people turn to terrorism. numbers of people from iraq are returning to france now. it must be said, it's a very early stage in the investigation into what happened in nice on bastille day. french security forces have yet to find any connection to a terrorist group such as daesh or isil. what we know is that groups in syria and iraq are quick to claim credit for attacks such as
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this. the fact that they've failed to take credit for what happened in nice is significant at this early stage. >> can you talk about this idea that some of these groups have a direct conflict with france or a motivation to go after france because of what they view as cultural issues, what they see as a hedonistic society, one that stands in direct contrast to some of their own radicalized beliefs about life and how it should be lived? >> you're absolutely right, it's n nihilistic. they do see themselves in an existential battle against democracy and liberalism that we all enjoy in the west. as successful as they've been on the ground in recent months and years, daesh is still a relatively small terrorist group in terms of th broader muslim population. now, daesh said they were going
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to attack france even before france started launching bombing missions against daesh targets in syria and iraq. so france has been a target even before this, and they will be. if nice turns out to be a terrorist attack, it's not the end of it. there will be more attacks in europe almost without doubt. >> professor, we thank you so much for checking in with us long distance with some nationalities theranalysis there. thank you, sir. the man initially believed to be behind the paris terror attacks, the ones that killed 130 people and wounded hundreds more, france's head of external security is saying they've identified who really planned the massacre. it was disclosed in a closed door inquiry in may, a full report just coming out this week. authorities decline to reveal who they think the commander is
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but now they say it wasn't this guy as originally thought, although they say he was among the group of terrorists directly involved in the attacks, he was killed a few days afterwards when investigators cornered him in a paris suburb, in an apartment. as we get new video from nice, it shows police believing the apartment building where the suspect is believed to have lived, just a short distance from the crime scene. we're hearing more from eyewitnesses describing the horror and confusion. >> we assumed they were fireworks still going off, but shortly after that, i saw people running. >> they were across the street just in time. unfortunately they saw what happened in the streets, two children in front of my cousin that passed away. there was a pregnant woman at the same time. this morning my cousin was still in shock. >> the promenade had been closed off. i suppose the big question is how did the truck get on the promenade in the first place. >> let's bring in a detective
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with the cleveland police department, president of the police patrolmens association. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you for having me. >> as a law enforcement officer, when you have a large group, a happy gathering like this was intended to be, what kind of challenges does that present for police officers and other law enforcement entities? >> the challenges are immense when you have large groups of people like this. and this is a relatively soft target. we were very vulnerable here in cleveland when the cavaliers won the championship. you stand on pins and needles and do the best that you can do. and you listen very carefully to your intelligence gathering agencies and units. >> and of course we're looking ahead to cleveland now. much of it has already started there. the gop convention will take place. we know there's been planning for months in advance, probably years. we're also told following both the dallas attacks, the murders
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of five police officers there, and now with what we're seeing in nice, that there are still changes being made. how in the world do you tackle an event of that size, and are you confident that the city is ready? >> yeah, we're confident that the city is ready. you know, the federal agencies that are going to be involved in this are going to be -- do a great job as they always do. counterintelligence and counterterrorism groups. there's going to be a lot of folks that you're not going to see out on the street. there's going to be a very good number of uniformed police officers. and we're going to be -- our heads will be on a swivel we'll get through it. >> how are officers feeling about tackling this, especially in the wake of dallas last week? i talked to a couple of officers in new york and i was surprised to find that they didn't feel in particular that the public is on their side. how are your men and women in uniform feeling? >> up here in northeast ohio, we have a tremendous amount of support from the people in the
11:12 am
midwest here. and i can tell you in 23 years in this job, i've never seen more support for the men and women in the cleveland police department, and law enforcement in general. it's the silent majority, law abiding citizens that really do appreciate the work and the efforts and the sacrifice of police officers across this country and their families. that's very important to remember. >> yes, the families, absolutely, serve right along with you. thank you for your service and the men and women serving with you. we'll see you in cleveland, sir. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. a fox news alert. indiana governor mike pence just arriving at trump tower in new york city. coming up, we'll talk to dr. ben carson about mr. trump's vp choice. plus what police are saying about a man who drove a truck into a crowd in nice, france last night killing at least 84 people. >> we heard shooting. we saw some people that were all running this way, like there
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ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. this fox news alert, brand-new video of indiana governor mike pence just arriving at trump tower in new york city. you can see in the scrum and press of media there, donald trump confirming all the rumors this morning on twitter. quote, i'm pleased to announce i have chosen governor mike pence as my vice presidential running mate. news conference tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., meaning saturday. dr. ben carson is a former presidential candidate and trump supporter. good to see you today. >> good to see you, shannon. >> what does governor pence add to the trump ticket? >> i think he's fabulous pick.
11:17 am
he's a man who spent 12 years in congress, sat on the foreign relations committee, had multiple trips to the middle east, been very interested in that area, and had executive experience as a governor. so he fills in a lot of the gaps for donald. also, bear in mind that he's a solid conservative. and that should allay some of the concerns of some of the people who really didn't think that donald trump was a conservative. and also, he's a solid evangelical. so i think it helps to really round out the ticket very substantially. >> what do you say to those conservative critics who worry about his faltering last year when inminu minutminut minutmin religious freedom bill? it seemed like from all sides, it did not go well. those on the conservative right felt like he kind of abandoned their position.
11:18 am
>> yeah, i would say that there's no perfect individual. and there are a lot of people who would do things differently if they had an opportunity to do over again. but his heart is in the right place. he's trying to protect religious freedom of people. and it's being threatened. and the progressive movement doesn't really seem to care very much about that. and it's an essential part of who we are as a nation. >> as far as -- you mentioned his house experience. he's been in washington, on the hill. mr. trump has said he needed someone who knew how to govern and navigate those waters. there are many who were skeptical that mr. trump would be able to get things done with congress just based on the way he operates. do you think pence will smooth over that concern as well? >> well, first of all, i would take issue with the premise that mr. trump can't get things done. you know, there were many situations in new york where things were not getting done, and he stepped in and got them
11:19 am
done. in a very short period of time. so he does know how to get things done and how to use people. and i think mike pence will complement that. and also, don't forget, there will be others around too. newt gingrich will be a large part of the administration and will have significant influence. he has a wealth of knowledge that will be useful to the united states. >> dr. ben carson, always good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> have a good weekend. >> you too. governor pence will appear tonight on "hannity," a must-see interview right here on fox news channel. the attack in france raising new concerns about security right here at home, especially with two major party conventions about to get under way in cleveland and philadelphia. we are going to talk with new york congressman peter king on that. plus the u.s. vows to help french officials in any way possible to figure out if this kill her had any help.
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but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. crews are working to restore electricity throughout arkansas and oklahoma after powerful storms with hail and strong winds downed power lines and trees and ripped the roof off this home in tulsa. check it out, the owners say this is the second time their place has been damaged like this in storms over the last few years. fortunately neighborhood pitched in to help clean up the mess, and no one was injured. a fox news alert, police identifying the deceased driver of that truck that unleashed the carnage on the french riviera, as the 31 tunisian man who will
11:24 am
be living in nice was revealed to have had a small rap sheet but no known connection to terrorist groups. catherine herridge has more from washington. what role is the federal government playing in the investigation? >> reporter: shannon, good afternoon. he's identified as 31-year-old mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel, a deliveryman born in africa and who lived in france. the name will be run through the u.s. government's watch list as well as intelligence at the nsa to match his communications and contacts in the period up until he rented the truck. police found a mobile phone and documents inside the vehicle. that information is being exploited at this hour, as well as more potential evidence at his home in nice. the attacker had a history of violence and petty theft over the last six years. and then this recent six-month sentence for road rage. the french prosecutor said this morning he was totally unknown to the french intelligence services. and authorities, after an initial review, have knocked
11:25 am
down links or evidence of radicalization, although it's widely reported that he shouted "a llahu akbar" before he was shot down by police. the use of a truck as a weapon does mirror the tactics that we see from al qaeda as well as isis, shannon. >> catherine, at this hour what kind of reaction are we getting from the white house? >> reporter: the president's national security team is speaking with their french counterparts, that's part and parcel of what happens in these very sad circumstances. they're offering assistance. the french, frankly, are very capable to one their own investigation of this nature. at this early stage, what they said a short time ago is there is no change to the security posture here at home. >> nothing has happened in the last 18 hours since this happened. i guess the other thing i would point out is, this only happened 18 hours ago. so as they learn more about this situation and as they conduct a further investigation, it may
11:26 am
reveal more information that does prompt homeland security officials to make a change. >> reporter: a u.s. government official told fox news last night that they were surprised, even blindsided by this style of attack because there had been nothing in the intelligence threat stream about trucks being used as killing machines or laden with explosives. it was not in the brief yesterday or in the days leading up to yesterday. but that really is far more common than you might think, because this new volunteerism with a lone wolf or small cell, this is not the kind of individual that's necessarily picked up in the traditional way. >> tough to track. catherine, thank you very much. one man's fearless attempt to try to stop that truck from inflicting even more harm. plus a live update from nice, including the latest numbers on those hospitalized and chilling firsthand accounts from those who survived. >> i seen one guy, crying, we
11:27 am
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at least 84 dead in a terror attack in nice, france, two confirmed to be americans. many of those killed were just children. we've got brand-new video from the scene showing a man on a motorcycle trying to catch the truck. check it out, he manages to get his hands on it but he could not
11:31 am
hold on. moments later police began to shoot at the windshield. conor powell is live in nice. c conor, what can you tell us about the victims and those who survived? >> reporter: shannon, this was very much a family affair last night. the promenade was full of families and teenagers. what you have are a lot of children and a lot of teenagers. we're seeing people come out of the hospital here with a lot of foot engineeinjures, leg injuri. some people were hit by the attacker driving down the main promenade area. also a lot of children and teenagers were trampled by others who were trying to flee the area. that's part of the real sort of tragedy, many of the injuries were not just caused by the attacker but by the fear of trying to escape that truck that was zigzagging and moving down
11:32 am
the promenade. the updated numbers from authorities is that 84 people were killed. ten of those are in fact children or teenagers. 52 are in fact fighting for their lives in critical condition. and more than 200 or so are wounded. we now know that two americans were killed. three others were injured. and at least one is missing right now. we don't have much information on the injured or on the missing. but there is still concern, obviously, for their lives. [ sirens ] >> reporter: we've heard a lot of sirens all day today, you can hear right now. french authorities have raided the apartment of mohamed bouhlel. he is the 31-year-old tunisian who is responsible for last night's attack. we understand they have confiscated some papers, a cellphone. in that vehicle that he was driving last night, there were also explosives and at least one weapon. there is concern about what ties he might have to extremist groups, whether isis or al qaeda
11:33 am
or any other type of terror group around the world. french authorities are right now looking at this as a lone wolf attack. they're not saying whether it was inspired by isis but obviously there's the potential for that. given the unsophisticated nature of the attack, he used a vehicle and drove down a road, there were no bombs, not multiple people, he wasn't shooting at people until he got out of the vehicle. they're describing this as unsophisticated but obviously, shannon, still a very, very dadly attadad deadly attack. >> proof that it doesn't have to be sophisticated or coordinated to be deadly. the french prime minister is saying the number of deaths are expected to rise and that more attacks are possible as well. this attack in nice is the latest in a series which have rocked europe. here's a look at other recent attacks. last october, an attack in turkey's capital killed 102 people. two islamic state suicide bombers were responsible. in march, three isis suicide
11:34 am
bombers set off bombs in a brussels airport and a train station in the capital city, killing 32. in june, 45 people were killed, hundreds wounded at the istanbul ataturk airport by three islamic state militants from the ex-soviet union. joining me now, new york republican congressman peter king, who sits had he house homeland security committee. congressman, that you understand. >> thank you, shannon. >> what do we do now? >> shannon, we have to realize that isis and al qaeda and their supporters, whether they're lone wolves or whatever, are not going to stop. there are going to be constant attacks. as far as france, it was known for several months that isis wanted to carry out attacks, was encouraging their supporters to carry out attacks in western europe, particularly france. it was felt it would occur primarily during the soccer tournament but it happened on
11:35 am
bastille day. that's what islamic terrorists look for, to get a significant date, when there will be a large crowd, that's symbolic to the country. we have to be very concerned about attacks here in the united states. we know that they do want to attack us. we've done a pretty good job of stopping them. but as we saw in orlando and san bernardino, we can't stop them all. i believe we have to have more surveillance. the threat is coming from the muslim community. if a person arrives with explosive, with a gun, with a truck, at that stage it's very difficult to stop them. the only way you can hope to stop them is by stopping it before it starts. >> in reacting to the attacks in nice, you said we have to use resources including surveillance of the muslim community. you know that's controversial when you say it. how do you do that in a way that is both effective and nondiscriminato nondiscriminatory? >> to me it's not discriminatory if you know the threat is coming from the muslim community. if you're looking for the ku
11:36 am
klux klan, you don't go to harlem. that's just a reality. when they were looking for the mafia, they went to the italian-american community. you're not talking about breaking and entering or illegal wire tapping. you're talking about surveillance, informers, undercover sources, detectives on the ground to find out what's going on in the community so people, when they see something, will say something. if a person has moved into the community, if a person is acting differently, you pick it up on the street, that's what local cops can do. the fbi is operating at a different level. street cops can pick that up. that's what's done against every other group, whether it's the mafia. that's how you do it. and no one's rights are being violated. that's just good common sense police work. >> i want to ask you about the release of the 28 pages from the 9/11 commission report. there's been a lot of discussion about it. we finally just got them. at one point, i believe, you were opposed to that. in looking at it, it looks like
11:37 am
there are still a number of re-dax re da re-dax redactions and things. >> they are redacted. the intelligence community was concerned that they could identify sources or methods that the cia or intelligence community had used. i think there was circumstantial evidence in there. i don't believe there's a smoking gun. i've read the 28 pages a number of times. if they had been redacted by the intelligence community and sources taken out, i have no problem with it. again, i think people who were expecting a smoking gun, we're disappointed. but there is certainly circumstantial evidence and does show that not every question has been answered. >> we're getting reaction from the saudi ambassador to the u.s., if you'll forgive me reading this. >> sure. >> saudi arabia has long called for the release of these pages, we hope the release will clear up once and for all any lingering questions or suspicions about saudi arabia's actions, intentions, or long term friendship with the u.s.,
11:38 am
it says. but it seems like you're saying, congressman, that there are still questions about what we're seeing and what we're getting. >> again, we don't yet i believe have the full picture on saudi arabia, which is why i support the legislation to allow families of 9/11 victims to bring lawsuits against saudi arabia. to me, there are enough questions out there, enough unresolved issues that it should be resolved in a court. i don't think these 28 pages are going to resolve it. i do think there is enough circumstantial evidence or questions out there that it should be resolved in court. i don't know why the saudi arabian government is to resistant to allowing these cases to go forward. >> congressman, thank you so much for your intel on all of these topics today. good to see you. >> thank you, shannon. donald trump announcing a business decision, confirming rumors that indiana governor mike pence is indeed his running mate, just days before the big
11:39 am
convention in cleveland. rich edson is live with how it will add to the republican ticket. rich, what is the reaction there in cleveland? >> reporter: good afternoon, shannon. among conservatives it's overall been fairly positive. governor mike pence has served in congress, during his time there has a perfect score from the american conservative union. he's supported curbs on planned parenthood, curbs on abortion, certainly an attempt to try to mollify those in the republican party who say donald trump isn't conservative enough. we ran into a number of republican voters just before the announcement was made and talked to them on whether or not they thought mike pence would be a good decision, and many said they thought it would be a good idea. >> i'm excited. he's an old friend of mine. he's somebody who probably has the most integrity of anybody in america that i know. he's a hard worker. he's from the midwest. i think he's a great pick for donald trump. >> i think that would be an
11:40 am
excellent pick because he's midwestern. he has great common sense values, midwestern values. i think he would be a wonderful pair together, the personalities will blend nicely together. i think it's wonderful. i think if donald trump chooses him, everyone will back that up. >> reporter: trump and pence have had their differences. pence is a long time supporter of free trade agreements including the trans-pacific partnership. he tweeted a few months ago that calls to ban muslims from entering the u.s. are ineffective and unconstitutional. >> i guess no two people agree 100% on anything. any opposition, those who were not happy with pence as the peck? >> reporter: there are plenty of folks who wanted a different candidate, plenty who want a different candidate for president of the united states. we spoke to one woman who said there could have been a more exciting pick. >> he was a good conservative
11:41 am
governor. but i don't know that he adds more excitement to the ticket. i was hoping for somebody like condoleeza rice. i thought he would make our base excited and bring in independents. i'm afraid pence is not going to do that. >> reporter: a campaign aide tell us at fox news that the campaign did reach out to condoleeza rice a couple of times and she said she was not interested, also adding that the campaign reached out to a number of other candidates, and they wouldn't tell us who those people were. shannon? >> we'll find out, rich. that's what we do. >> reporter: that's right. >> see you in cleavveland, than. donald trump making it official, selecting indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. our panel will break it down. and we'll hear from more of the survivors wounded in nice, france. >> one of the big concerns we had is, is it safe?
11:42 am
it's just horrible to see the terrible things that people want to do. ♪
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♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ we're expecting to hear from president obama in the next hour on the terror attack in nice, france. we'll see what he says about the united states strategy to fight extremists. and what's a being done to keep americans safe ahead of the two political conventions. that's coming up when i fill in on "shepard smith reporting." an eyewitness injured during the nice attack describes the chaotic scene. >> i was enjoying one of the bands playing on the promenade. then we turned to hear lots of commotion and shrieking and shouting. and then we saw a truck coming down the promenade, probably 30 or 40 miles per hour, careering from side to side.
11:46 am
i decided to jump over the wall of the promenade, landed on the concrete, which was a bit further down than i had anticipated, hence my wrist. but we were very lucky. >> the british man was on vacation with his fiance. he said they both jumped down, trying to get to the beach. they started running and they heard gunfire. he says they're both very lucky to have survived. donald trump's choice of governor mike pence for his vp winning warm praise from many but not all conservatives. while the candidates agree on many key issues, there are areas where they differ. alan colmes is a fox news contributor. good to see you. we were chatting during the break and there was a rumor that alan was on the short list. >> i was so disappointed. i was this close. >> you're giving a keynote speech? >> i'm speaking at 3:00 a.m. >> on friday, after it's done.
11:47 am
>> alan, what do you make of this? do you think it solves some of the deficiencies? >> i actually think it's a good choice for trump. trump doesn't need a big personality. he's got that on his own. he's a social conservative but trump is not a social conservative. pence has a different opinion on banning muslims and on ptt. he's said things on social media opposed to -- and he's an it could ted cruz supporter. >> he did endorse cruz, and perhaps should have done it more forcefully earlier. any candidate you pick, you're not going to be a 100% exact match. >> i was liking the selection until i found out alan does too. >> wait a minute. >> it could have been bad news for donald trump. listen, he can't -- governor
11:48 am
pence doesn't hurt donald trump on any level. i would have to agree with alan. >> say that again. >> there's enough bombast for plenty of people with donald trump's presentation. mike pence delivers a solid, consistent conservativism that many conservatives have expressed, some privately, some publicly, that there isn't enough of that on the ticket. >> it doesn't hurt him but does it give him a boost in any way? he doesn't have the name recognition at other top contenders, which could be a plus or a minus. some were upset with how he handled the religious freedom issue in indiana. >> people on both sides were unhappy. >> here is the problem, trump could have maybe reached out into a broader coalition of voters in a general election. you've got trump, very anti-gay in what he's wanted.
11:49 am
>> he wouldn't say he's anti-gay. are we talking about trump or pence? >> pence. >> advocating for religious freedom for people doesn't make you automatically anti-gay. >> that's called religious freedom but it's the opposite of what it is, in my view. what pence did when he ran for congress was say he only wanted funding for hiv to groups for gay conversion therapy. that's been discredited. >> it's fascinating to me that pence made sure there were antidiscrimination provisions put into this to protect the lgbt community yet liberals like alan still blast him. >> there is a lot of misinformation about that bill. >> very emotional issue. but it was very-lgbt ultimately because it put in protections for the lgbt community. why don't you give him credit for that? >> he does get credit for backtracking, but not from conservatives.
11:50 am
he loses credit as a congressman in terms of what he supported legislatively, which is anti-lgbt. >> i've gotten a flood on the abortion issue on both sides. >> trump was pro-choice until about ten minutes ago. >> oh, come on. >> i'll put alan down as a no vote for the trump-pence ticket. >> my answer is obvious. >> thank you both, gentlemen. president obama is set to address the terror attack in france. you see the east room there. just minutes from now. of course we'll have that live. security taking top priority at the republican national convention in cleveland. a special look at what they're doing to try to keep everyone safe. >> i plan to inspect the security at both sights, cleveland tomorrow, philadelphia next friday. so i think we have to be concerned about things getting out of hand. sidelined.
11:51 am
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we take you now live to the white house where the president is going to comment on the attacks in nice. >> are devastated. they're grieving. they need all the love and support of our american family as they grapple with an unimaginable loss, and try to get through what are going to be very difficult days. so on behalf of all of us, i think, i want to welcome our friend, ambassador, and i had a chance to meet with him right before i came out so he knew it's not just the united states of america but the entire world
11:55 am
that stands in solidarity with the people of france during this difficult time. i spoke to president hollande earlier today, and in addition to conveying deep condolences, i reminded him that france is america's oldest ally and one of our strongest. we owe our freedom to each other. americans and french have stood together for two centuries, and i told president hollande we will stand uneedded out in in our grief and praying for the many who are injured, many of whom are still fighting for their lives, and we pledge to stand with our french friends as we defend our nations against this scourge of terrorism and violence. and this is a threat to all of us. we don't know all the details but what we know is the capacity of even a single individual to
11:56 am
do extraordinary harm to our people to our way of life. a lot of nations represented here today have been impacted this year and previous years. in recent weeks we have seen heinous attacks, inspired or directed by isil here in the united states in turkey in iraq, and bangladesh, and saudi arabia. these terrorist are targeting and killing innocent people of all backgrounds and all faiths, including muslims. i know i speak for all of us when i say that these individuals and these networks are an affront to all of our humanity. many of the nations represented here today are part of our global coalition against isil, and i want to take this opportunity to say once more we will not be deterred. we will not relent. we're going to keep working together to prevent attacks and
11:57 am
defend our homeland. we're going to keep taking out isil leaders and pushing isil back in syria and iraq. we're going to keep standing with our partners from africa to afghanistan and destroy this vial terrorist organization in contrast to the terrorists who only know how to kill and destroy, we're going to win this fight by building, by never giving up on diplomacy to end the syrian civil war. by working with partners around the world, including muslim communities, to push back against hateful ideologies that twist and distort islam. a religion that teaches peace and justice and compassion. we'll defeat these ideologies by offering a better vision of development and economic progress. so people, especially young people, have more hope and opportunity and are less susceptible to extremism and violence in the first place, and we'll continue to promote
11:58 am
nd democracy so citizens have a say in their future. and we will win this fight by staying true to our values, values of pluralism and rule of law and diversity, and freedoms like the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and assembly, the very freedoms that the people of nice were celebrating last night on bastille day. in the wake of last night's attacks, we have heard more suggestions all muslims in america be targeted. tested for their beliefs. some deported or jailed. the very suggestion is repugnant. and an affront to everything we stand for as americans. we cannot give in to fear or turn on each other or sacrifice our way of life. we cannot let ourselves be divided by religion because that's exactly what the terrorists want.
11:59 am
we should never do their work for them. and here in the united states, our freedoms, including freedom of religion, help keep us strong and safe, and we have to be vigilant and defend our security and our freedoms. and all of us, whatever nations we represent here, i think have to step back and reflect on what we are doing to eliminate this kind of chronic violence. it has been a difficult several weeks in the united states, but the divide that exists is not between races and ethnicities and religions. it is between people who recognize the common humanity of all people and are willing to build institutions that promote
12:00 pm
that common humanity and those who do not. those who would suggest that somebody is less than them because of their tribe or their ethnicity or faith or their color. and those impulses exist in all of countries. and those impulses, when we do not speak out against them and build strong institutions, to protect people from those impulses, they can take over. they can be unleashed. so that all of us have responsibilities. not just a few. i want to say that even as we are relentless against terrorists, it's also worthy for us to recognize that our nations have worked together for security and peace and human


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